In Home Breastfeeding Consultation

Each Breastfeeding Consultation is unique to you and your baby's situation and needs.

During each consultation I will:

-Assist you during a nursing session by helping you with positioning and latching 

-Teach you the signs of a nutritive feeding as well as your baby's feeding cues

-Address milk supply concerns by weighing your baby

-Assess your baby's mouth and oral function

-Look for tongue and lip tie

-Provide solution for painful breastfeeding, painful engorgement, mastitis and other complications

-Assess the need for a breast pump 

-Answer all your questions 

$120 / up to 2 hour consultation

$40 for every additional hour 

Due to covid-19, Breastfeeding Consultations can be held via zoom for your safety and comfort.

(818) 314-7782

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