Breastfeeding Education : Getting The Right Start

This session is meant to prepare you to breastfeed with calm and confidence. 

This two hour class includes the following topics:

 -Benefits of breastfeeding and the advantages of starting to nurse within two hours after birth. 

-Introduction to the lactation process and breast anatomy

-Keys for a good breastfeeding session and successful breastfeeding

-Breastfeeding position and help baby latch on properly

-How to assess if your baby is getting enough milk

This session will also help you recognize some barriers and difficulties that you could encounter during breastfeeding and help you to be better prepared to overcome these challenging moments with confidence. This class is interactive and includes discussion, evidence based information, videos and hands on with a doll.


Private Session via the Breastfeeding Clinic $100/2h

All sessions are now virtual due to covid-19 restrictions.



Childbirth Education 

Private Session 

This Private Childbirth Education series aims to give you the informational support, all the possible options that you have to make your birth unique, healthy and positive.

This four week series include the following topics :

-How to choose your healthcare provider and where to give birth

-How to recognize labor and the different stages of labor

-Creating positive beliefs about birth and overcoming fear and anxiety

-Creating mindfulness during your pregnancy and during labor

-Labor coping techniques and comfort measures

-Medical interventions and routine procedures during labor 

-Cesarean Birth and Vaginal Birth after Cesarean 

-Early Postpartum and Breastfeeding

This childbirth series include a manual which can be used to review all the topics discussed during the classes closer to birth or during labor. Each session will be including some theory as well as some practical exercises in fun, relaxing and artsy ways. The presence of partners is highly recommended. This class can be taken at any moment in the pregnancy. 

$400 for a 4 week series or $120 for tailored packages (less than 3 sessions).

Due to covid-19 restrictions, I now offer virtual Childbirth Education sessions.  


Newborn Care Education

Private Session

This two hour class includes the following topics:

-Basic newborn care coaching (feeding, diapering, bathing, burping, swaddling...)

-Baby soothing techniques

-Latest safety recommendations 

-Preparing baby nursery/ baby list

-Practical advices for managing baby's arrival

This class is perfect for you if you have never experienced newborn’s care or if you want to refresh your memory and perfect your knowledge and gesture before the birth.




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